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Nov 27, 2019

In this week’s episode, Sophie is joined by her childhood hero who has now become one of her ‘friends forever’, Debra DiGiovanni, for a hilarious and thought provoking conversation regarding both their own personal obsessions as well as some of society’s obsessions in general.


Episode Highlights:


  • Sophie and Debra’s funniest childhood friends and memories of school
  • Relationships and breakups
  • Women in comedy
  • Society’s perceptions of powerful women
  • Social media and self-image




“That’s like shooting at a cop!”

“My mom had to basically date my guidance counselor, for real.”

“You’re dad’s a fuck-man.”

“They have an extra cortex for rape as well that we don’t have.”

“He must have loved just doing the jerkoff motion.”

“Any power for women is what people consider unattractive for women.”

“It’s not even likability, it’s fuckability!”

“She has to close her eyes, and hold her breath, and pray for it to be over.”

“Eye-bleeding is one of my turnoffs.”

“These are women that are funny but have been always sort of mocked for their looks.”

“I don’t like everyone, so there’s no way everyone can like me.”

“Gotta brain-fuck yourself!”


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