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Dec 27, 2019

In this week’s episode, Sophie is joined by one of the people she’s obsessed with, Graham Kay, and together they share stories on a wide range of topics including their ‘bombs’, their school experiences, and Graham’s obsession with comedy and basketball.


Episode Highlights:


  • Sophie and Graham’s most recent ‘bombs’
  • Sophie and Graham’s (and Sophie’s mom’s) experiences with school
  • Graham’s favorite comics




“We weren’t gross like you guys. We worked hard, unlike you guys.”

“This isn’t for you, this is for us. You can go fuck yourself.”

“She retired early because she didn’t like the lights in the school.”

“I found high school very easy – I just didn’t go.”

“Was it easier to learn in your box?” “No, it was easier to sleep.”

“Some of us would try and escape and then farmers would find us in ditches.”

“This is Grade 6 – they’re doing Grade 5 stuff…these guys are hacks.”

“My brother has autism, so I had all the sharing of a sibling, but none of the interaction.”

“I thought…two girls in high school were the same person for 3 years.”

“Other kids were learning Math, and I’d have to go to a different class and draw my name in sand.”

“Once you eat poo, you don’t eat poo again.”

“Sometimes good art elevates the masses.”

“Dick Pliers, that famous comedian.”


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