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Jan 1, 2020

Sophie is joined by her plant-rearing, interior decor-obsessed, Minion-loving friend Noodle to catch up and chat reality TV. In the course of this lovely conversation, Noodle breaks down the 30-Day Pie Challenge and explains how she regularly navigates the multiverse. As well: a special blessing from Pickles the Kitten!


Episode Highlights:


  • Sophie’s Sisyphean attempt to cancel her Goodlife Fitness membership
  • Which dogs are the smartest?
  • The coveted All-Pie Diet
  • Sophie decides to give watching reality TV a spin
  • Noodle describes her type
  • Getting deep into the rules of Amazing Race Canada




“I’m not looking to work—I’m looking to sit.”

“She sends me pictures of so many celebrities and she’s like ‘Is this the shape of my head?’”

“Just report Trump!”

“What music is NOT touched by The Fray?”

“My oven door comes off sometimes, but it would never shatter!”

“I liked a relaxed fella!”

“I do think that there’s two parallel universes.”

“Riley think I’m full of nonsense, which is fair.”

“You don’t want to be booed. You want to be wooed.”

“If you say to Noodle that she’s not funny… go kill yourself.”

“I want it to be known that I’m a Silly Billy!”


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