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Jan 10, 2020

Jaik Puppyteeth returns to the podcast this week, and, fueled by a glorious Denny’s breakfast with Sophie, discusses a wide range of topics that starts with drugs, progresses through authority figures and those who kiss their asses, and finishes, naturally, with cockroaches, rats, and American politics. Along the way, they share with listeners their current obsessions, and, be warned, there’s also a ‘Frozen 2’ spoiler!


Episode Highlights:


  • Sophie’s obsessions with ‘Sugar Rush’, water, and ‘On Becoming a God in Central Florida’
  • Jaik’s obsessions with ‘Great British Bake Off’, his new home surveillance system, and ‘SVU’




“I feel…when I got sober 5 years ago, I kind of feel like that was my growing up point…I decided to start taking existence a bit more seriously.”

“My mom would drive us past kids getting out of Sunday School, and be like, “That’s child abuse!’”

“A lot of my art school was figuring out the parameters to how to do like the bare minimum to make it look like I did really impactful, meaningful, deep art work.”

“Some people got a little bit of areola with their cappuccino.”

“Cooking fucking eggs like a troll with my boobs hanging out.”

“Bottom teeth – they should be a private thing.”

“Obviously, blood doesn’t come out of your penis.”

“I won’t be spending Christmas alone – my moths will be there whether I like it or not.”

“You had to drown skunks? Just to get out your sick fantasy or for a reason?”

“I made butternut squash soup yesterday and it looked like Donald Trump.”


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