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Jan 16, 2020

This week, Sophie is joined by Andy Verboom, Kailee Wakeman, and Mayce to discuss their common obsession with Reality TV, taking in depth looks at two of their favourite shows. Along the way they also explore Sophie’s equipment, racist seniors, waxing everywhere, losing limbs from bad nail places, and they come dangerously close to having Andy talk about his obsession with Battlestar Galactica.


Episode Highlights:


  • Andy - and only Andy’s - obsession with Battlestar Galactica (and the production side of reality TV)
  • Everyone’s obsession with reality TV, especially ‘90 Day Fiance’ and ‘The Bachelor’
  • Parents discovering the world of memes and gifs
  • Andy and Kailee’s ‘long con magazine’




“Old people doing stuff is pretty cute, when they’re not, you know, racist.”

“I want to fuck Trudeau’s new beard.”

“Woody Allen has this fetish for like being an old man who is fucking a young beautiful girl.”

“You can be mean to me even though it’s my podcast.”

“He has too much skin between his nose and lip.”

“He’s just kind of like a weasel dick.’

“We just give the finger or the thumbs-up to whoever’s on screen.”

“Was it the blobs? It was the blobs.”

“Emails aren’t hard, you guys just have weird lives.”

“Psychologists aren’t allowed to call you a loser so they invented personality disorders.”

“Coming from a person who goes through all the comments on the ‘22Minutes’ page, it’s the biggest idiots that respond with just pictures.”

“People literally lose limbs from bad nail places.”

“I love how you go from ‘I’ve never done this’ to ‘I’m going to do my entire body, butt hole and all’.”