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Jan 23, 2020

This week, Sophie is joined by Abdul and Sam to talk about their obsessions and share some of their highs and lows from the past couple months.


Episode Highlights:


  • Sophie and Sam’s bender
  • Following a Keto diet
  • Abdul’s obsession with Brendon Sanderson and what a day in Abdul’s life is like
  • Sophie’s obsession with Vox Sex, Explained and a review of the last couple months
  • Sam’s rekindled obsession with Mary Kate and Ashley Olson
  • Abdul’s ‘Spout Lore’ podcast




“Hey, just so you know, mind your fucking business.”

“I will come by and pose as you and be mean to this guy while he does your dishes.”

“I always get mad at myself when I do this self-checkout and I don’t steal.”

“I would get people to steal for me.”

“And it has like the n-word on it – is that fine?”

“This was one of the few situations that it was totally fine that you brought up pedophiles.”

“We were high the whole week.”

“You did pee your pants.”

“I will work for food.”

“Sam’s going to fuck your baby!”

“Is your babysitter hot?”

“My Dad gave me these mushrooms for Christmas.”

“We laughed so hard that the person I went with peed their pants.”

“Sophie’s got such a hard on right now.”

“Men don’t trust women scientists like myself.”

“At the end I said, ‘Thank you, I’m Sophie Buddle’, and people didn’t clap. I regretted saying my name.”

“James Corden is in it and I fucking hate that guy so much.”

“He has 13 jobs, Sam, when’s he going to watch ‘90 Day Fiance’?”

“He goes cheek to cheek to shoulder.”

“You’re just trying to get me laid.”

“Do you know one of your writers is making jokes about suicide?”

“Sometimes he likes to email his MP, and sometimes the police call him.”

“In girl bands, there’s never an old one.”

“She’s big dick energy in the most literal sense.”

“You punch in and it goes to my twitter.”

“I’ve gotten some angry tweets.”


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