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Jan 31, 2020

Fellow ‘This Hour has 22 Minutes’ writer, Aisha Brown, joins Sophie and Mayce for today’s episode as they share their current obsessions, and discuss everyone from Kobe Bryant to OJ Simpson to Greta Thunberg, and everything from social media to the ‘In the Dark’ podcast to Aisha’s upcoming stand-up special on Crave.


Episode Highlights:


  • Sophie’s Juno nomination
  • Aisha’s obsession with ‘The View’ and unanswered messages
  • Sophie’s obsession with her cousin Edgar and getting him a ‘Shrek Pillow Pet’
  • A very brief introduction to Mayce’s obsession with the TV show, ‘Daredevil’
  • Lots of ‘alleged’ celebrity stories




“I could just truly be a crazy person yelling into microphones all the time.”

“I guess a dog can be an asshole, too.”

“There’s like a whole…underground Shrek online community...their lives are based on Shrek.”

“I’d never want to be on Sophie’s bad side, but I desperately want to be on your good side.”

“Okay, ‘cause I’ve slept with a lot of people.”

“Like a Lizzo…who had a lot more trouble breathing.”

“She used her wedding to get free stuff from vendors.”

“And now the monster is Meghan McCain…she’s like Magneto.”

“That’s why I never spew actual facts – I always have them wrong.”

“Literally within minutes, people were already fighting about whether or not it’s relevant that he’s a rapist.”

“Life could just come and go…because you might kill us!”

“There are a lot of people that have killed people that are not interesting to me.”

“Was the murder a prank?”

“Black kids in my high school were cheering, and, like, white kids looked very nervous.”

“Women need an OJ!”

“All I do on here is incriminate myself.”

“I can’t get my brain out of my brain.”

“After school shootings, she’ll post, like, pictures of herself at, like, a shooting range.”

“That could have been me on my private helicopter!”

“She’s like the Cabbage Patch Doll who says, like, inflammatory things to people on the right – she’s amazing.”

“I thought she only boats.”

“This is important – they need to know my opinions about raccoons and the parliament.”

“She was responsible for a lot of semen!”

“David Letterman wants to fuck Tina Fey for sure.”

“So many alleged rapists in this episode of this podcast.”


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