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Feb 13, 2020

Today’s star-studded episode features 3 Juno Award nominees as Adam Christie joins Mayce and Sophie for a necessarily fast paced discussion about their various obsessions. Immersed in a sea of Mayce’s relentless and cartoonish farts, these brave award contenders also share their unique perspectives on the upcoming Junos, Adam’s jealousy regarding Sophie’s lack of inner monologue, and what Mayce won’t do for boobs.


Episode Highlights:


  • Sophie’s obsession with Adam and Mayce
  • Adam’s obsession with death and dying
  • Adam’s album ‘General Anxiety Disorder’
  • Sophie’s latest update on ‘The Bachelor’




“Don’t get your knickers in a bunch. Is that the correct term?”

“We have a very quick episode today because I don’t know how to clear space on my SD card.”

“Is it when you shake hands and pass each other drugs?

“My enemies in comedy are the other 3 nominees – I fucking hate them!”

“That’s the real Devil’s Triangle.”

“He also had to punch his dick in with a needle to get hard.”

“His dick is Bane.”

“What a confrontational old lady!”

“We don’t have a lot of murderer fans.”

“Having no inner monologue seems like Paradise.”

“I feel like I’m normal and everyone else is just thinking too much.”

“How many farts is too many farts for no boobs?”

“Shockingly, sometimes boobs are very forgiving.”

“He doesn’t have anus muscles.”

“I’m thinkin’ and a-poopin’.”

“When I take a long walk, I’ll probably have 2 bubbles.”

“Having thoughts is a nightmare – it’s a prison.”

“I’ve smoked a lot more pot than all of you, so it’s slowed my brain down.”

“I’d say 80% of my day is worrying about just different things.”

“It’s like there’s a toddler in my brain…driving me around.”

“I walk into another room and I find out what I went there for.”

“She doesn’t have emails in her dimension.”

“I love ‘Mom Twitter’ – it’s a whole other world.”

“I feel like if I’m bothering this man by just existing, then I’m doing something right.”

“His first album was called ‘Praying to See Boobs’.”

“Fartin’ and fuckin’ – sometimes at the same time.”

“Peter’s our horniest Bachelor yet.”

“She wants to fuck her Dad as well, which is pretty clear.”


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