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Feb 19, 2020

Jordan Foisy and Aisha Brown join Sophie and Mayce for today’s episode to discuss their experiences with mushrooms, their perspective on comedy bars and Americans, and their apparently shared obsession with American politics.


Episode Highlights:


  • Sophie’s obsessions with Aisha’s special on Crave, the shows ‘Review’ and ‘Hello Ladies’, Clearly glasses, Quest Chips, and having an enemy
  • Jordan, Aisha, Mayce and Sophie’s obsession with American politics
  • Sophie’s quick Bachelor recap




“I lived off of Starbuck’s Bacon Breakfast Sandwiches for two and a half years of my life.”

“Sophie has the lack of impulse control that I want.”

“Does this have anything to do with the time you did a bunch of mushrooms and got lost in the stairwell?”

“It must just be like taking a bath in your head.”

“Bro, I think I know what serial killers feel like.”

“This bank is beautiful. Too bad I have to take it down from the inside.”

“It feels like the Americans are having the time of their life, and the Canadians want to look like we’re having the time of our life.”

“No American has an inner monologue.”

“John Delaney was the guy who kind of looked like if a peanut had muscles.”

“Bernie’s running on ‘Eat the Rich’.”

“Oh, you changed the dressing on the cake, but the cake is still made out of toenails!”

“I think the ‘old white man’ that’s used so much now in comedy, I think that it’s equivalent to like ‘my wife’ for like 80’s comics.”

“The Right are all fucking con men.”

“Where are all these right-wing motherfuckers who were so upset about anti-semitism?”

“Trump broke everyone’s brain.”

“This is just all like internet rainwater that has poured into my brain.”

“Buttigieg is a rat-fuck.”

“He’s like fluent in so many languages he has to be evil.”

“Who the fuck is Maltese that isn’t evil?”

“I think his dad is an aluminum tank, and his mom is the fluid that they fill the tank with.”

“I think, ultimately, Obama is a failure, and it sucks.”

“I think he should have nutted up, basically.”

“His mistake was that he thought the system was good, and the system was bad.”

“I think Obama was a centrist in progressive packaging.”

“I lost Bill Cosby, I really can’t afford to lose Barack Obama.”

“The only good thing Obama, I think, has done recently is not endorse Joe Biden.”

“I think petite brunettes are truly the heartbreakers.”

“This is really just the farm team for ‘Paradise’.”


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