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Mar 11, 2020

Mayce’s best friend, Zack, and his girlfriend Mya, join Sophie and Mayce on the show today to, among other things, reveal how Mayce and Zack met, revisit a highlight of Mayce’s career as a boy magician and its role in his need to change schools, explore the connection between ‘Mr. Blue Sky’ and Zack’s nudity, explain the concept behind Sofar Sounds Shows and Zack’s involvement in them, and, of course, to discuss ‘The Bachelor’ and share their various obsessions. All this, plus a memorable demonstration of Mayce’s grasp of historical timelines, and Sophie’s fact about the French which rivals her earlier whale/wolves revelation, render this an episode that ‘you’re gonna love’.


 Episode Highlights:


  • Sophie’s obsession with Mya
  • Zack’s obsession with Survivor and Bruce Springsteen
  • Mya’s obsession with Shonen Anime
  • Mayce’s obsession with showing people his dick
  • Zack’s band, ‘Little Boxer’
  • Sophie’s latest update of ‘The Bachelor’




“This is Zack. This is Mya. They are lovers. They are also friends of mine.”

“I was quite popular as a magician. As a boy magician.”

“One of those haters threatened to slit my throat in the bathroom.”

“Love and pity – same thing.”

“Magician destroys heckler.”

“His ‘go to’ isn’t punching, it’s slapping.”

“Zack’s such a genius. Do you want to hear what I put in his butt?”

“I just remember so many shows just ruining people’s dinners.”

“Mayce is the Prince of Hamilton.”

“Thanks for reminding me that I don’t have a home.”

“If I don’t get ten hours of sleep, even if I get nine and a half, I’m like, ‘No puzzles today’.”

“I remember butts, not faces.”

“It’s toxic femininity.”

“Also, don’t hug Zack today.”

“Sometimes I hurt, and then I hurt.”

“Your cheeks are sensitive.”

“We’re like an old married couple sometimes.”

“This all comes down to, yet again, Mayce being mad that Zack’s not naked.”

“As we danced, Zack stripped naked…dick out and everything.”

“He went and put his dick and balls on the Wuhan package.”

“He’ll whip his dick out, and I’ll stare at it, and he’ll get self-conscious of it and put it away.”

“Anime is a gateway drug.”

“When you try to explain Anime, that’s when you realize how weird Anime is.”

“Part of the metamorphosis process is plastic surgery.”

“Seems like a lot of being corrected, which I don’t love.”

“The French don’t have ‘w’.”

“You think England existed before Jesus Christ?”

“I forgot how prehistoric Jesus was.”


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