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Feb 6, 2020

Comics Dylan Gott and Nigel Grinstead join Sophie on today’s episode to not only shamefully confess some of their obsessions, but also to give their hilarious takes on everything from public washrooms, YouTube, and UFC fighters, to Airbnbs, childhood memories, and the potential dangers of doing the laundry in the nude.


Episode Highlights:


  • Sophie’s obsession with YouTube makeup tutorials
  • Dylan’s obsession with UFC
  • Nigel’s obsession with Board games, fighting game tournaments, and Godzilla movies




“I don’t fuck with games at all.”

“If I could rend the soul out of a man…”

“My friends ask me questions that are directly insults.”

“A lot of old failures love Bukowski.”

“The physics of a dick is very confusing to me.”

“People just destroy Starbucks bathrooms.”

“It’s like your ass touched their ass!”

“You’ve seen some shit – you can sit down for the rest of the day.”

“The dick wants what it wants.”

“I think you would like it, except you would hate it.”

“Lady with a fish head but big tits?”

“Sorry to break the news to you: your soup dumpling is full of chowder.”

“You know how women just go completely nude, try to do laundry, and they get stuck in the dryer.”

“You’re saying her Portuguese Grandma is one of your turnoffs?”


“Just a carpet with tits!”

“This guy studied the art of kicking him in the head while he’s lying down, under Sensei Kevin.”

“My nickname? Scared Boy.”

“My balls were too hot.”

“He doesn’t grapple because he doesn’t want to touch a man that much.”

“Donald Trump has made it so you can say ‘pussy’ on TV.”

“There’s a certain point, I don’t know what age it is, where your sleep shirts become your shirts…these are for awake time.”

“Optimism is sexually transmitted.”

“The key to, like, aging gracefully is, like, starting really ugly.”

“All I remember from my childhood is, like, shitting my pants, getting hit in the head with a snowball, that’s it.”


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