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Feb 26, 2020

Welcome to ‘the best episode you’ve ever heard’ according to Sophie who is joined today by Brandon Hackett, Nigel Grinstead and her mom, Mama Loo, to reveal their various obsessions. As always, the conversational road leading to these revelations ranges far and wide with Sophie at the wheel, so be prepared to also learn about robots and ‘The Singularity’, The Fermi Complex, deep sea and its ‘critters’, Brandon’s movie recommendations, a twisted pronunciation of the word ‘whore’, and, of course, SARS.


Episode Highlights:


  • Sophie and her mom’s obsession with ‘Love is Blind’
  • Brandon’s obsession with the queer film genre and Jim Carrey’s queer-coded villain throwback role in the new Sonic the Hedgehog movie
  • Nigel’s fearful obsession with space and how it’s going to kill him
  • Mama Loo’s obsession with the Coronavirus




“What’s great about audio podcasts is that people don’t feel self conscious physically.”

“They all do it in the butt in that hallway when they meet.”

“I’m going to Mexico in April and I don’t have to get married in a pod.”

“Should we, as a precaution, give robots a sense of religion, and thereby shame?”

“I watched the first 15 seconds and then quickly realized Nick Lachey is not a scientist.”

“Whore with a little twist!”

“People aren’t talking about why Scar is single enough.”

“The story of Dustin Hoffman dressing in drag, then he takes over the role of every woman in the world.”

“That’s a contradictory statement – a Catholic Art School.”

“I’ve always been a little curvier than the average bear.”

“Hot take: Beyonce’s good.”

“I like didn’t give a fuck about I’m going to die of SARS – I’m so above it.”

“They just lit a village on fire – there was also no law.”

“Maybe for one year don’t eat bats.”

“If you’re so smart and you’re rolling in shit, is that something that I don’t know?”

“I think that undersea things are aliens.”

“Love is Blind is actually about deep sea creatures.”

“I just came out of the basement, and I want to hook up, but also, I’m scared of you – we’ve all been there.”

“I’m Canada’s most tired man.”

“If you inspire death in children, you have to rate your game higher.”

“I like a game where you, like, punch grass.”


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