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Mar 4, 2020

This week, our favourite host and ‘gifted walker’ Sophie is joined by the ‘two most favourite guests there’s ever been’, Mamaloo and Mayce, to share their obsessions and to provide everyone with their phone password. In addition to this vital information, we also learn about Mayce’s Boys, Mamaloo’s various jobs and her ‘Degree in Life’, the Democratic candidates, and Sophie’s parents’ history with illegal activity and cheese.


Episode Highlights:


  • Mamaloo’s obsession with walking and her Andy Dixon book
  • Mayce and Sophie’s obsession with Bernie Sanders
  • Mamaloo’s goal, art, and art show
  • Mayce’s art and his nick/neck problems




“I used to call Soso ‘Boobies’.”

“And she wonders why she would drop me off at school and then I would just go home immediately.”

“There was this one year she did tax fraud for some company.”

“I tried everything not to do any teaching.”

“The way that you and my Dad talk about Montreal in the 90’s, it seems like the Wild West.”

“You and my Dad have all these stories about things you’ve stolen.”

“I stole extra cheese to impress your Mom.”

“Every story has illegal activity in it and none of them have been to jail!”

“I think my Dad is the only person that is treated as badly by the police as a non-white man.”

“I would profile my Dad. I would frisk, and I would find stuff.”

“You know how babies love electricity.”

“Where’d you find a bone…you kill a drifter?”

“You did your dumpster diving.”

“You don’t want to wake up to the point where you get tired again.”

“You can’t be afraid to fail.”

“Just Looking for 5 or 6 Art Friends.”

“I would like the feeling of space to be there without the perspective drawing.”

“I’m having trouble with necks.”

“I feel my skeleton’s very mysterious.”

“She loves to flirt her way into Art Galleries.”

“Are you in the laundry room? You have to tell me.”

“I think it’s important to mention, my mother’s very cute.”

“Jeff for the People!”

“Not to be a Bernie Bro, but people who don’t support Bernie are dead inside.”

“Mayor Pete, you can tell, just wants to be a star.”

“That’s the thing with women, though, it’s like if there’s…any little crack for doubt, people will fill it up with whatever they want.”

“She always tells me stuff she saw on twitter that I retweeted.”

“I love all of us as well.”


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